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kendo-3dMy second book comes out on September 2nd.  Its title is “Kendo, Inherited Wisdom and Personal Reflections”, ISBN 978-1-78133-058-6 and both Kindle and Paperback versions should be available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Unlike Kendo, a Comprehensive Guide, this is not an instruction manual, but a selection of 52 of the most popular posts from my blog www.kendoinfo.net. It takes a reflective look at a range of kendo topics with the aim of stimulating thought and discussion.

It covers kendo training methods and techniques, as well as the attitudes and philosophies that make kendo a lifetime’s pursuit for many of us. I have also highlighted some of the differences between kendo training in Japan and other parts of the globe and included some light-hearted commentary on the amusing elements of our sport.

As the title suggests, much of the content of this book has been inspired by some of the great Japanese teachers. In several cases I have used direct translations of their teachings.

Many of the articles were originally written for my own benefit and I have regularly referred to them to clarify my thoughts or to help me break through one of the many “walls” that we face in kendo . You can find out more on https://www.facebook.com/inheritedwisdom .

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